Blinking Screens

Yesterday, I said I was going to be doing some flat hunting this evening. I ended up only viewing one (nice) place, while the other got cancelled before my appointment. I’ve also arranged three viewings tomorrow, all within a one mile radius, at 12:00, 13:00… and 16:30.

Great. Go, me…. a three and a half hour gap between two viewings within a mile of each other. Efficient!

Fortunately, one of my Christmas presents was Terry Pratchett’s A Blink of The Screen. This is a collection of short stories written throughout his writing career, some relating to his famous Discworld novels, and some are… well… not.

I’m enjoying the read, and am fascinated to see the sheer breadth of his imagination. There are a couple of really interesting sci-fi concepts in there, and a great story about an author who meets one of his characters. There is also a lovely gag about a smuggler, and even one story that is only 100 words long. And I’ve not even got to the Discworld stories yet!

I wrote a few days ago that I wanted to read a book I love, and a completely new book before the end of the year. I’ve read the book I love – also by Terry Pratchett, and although I’ve not strictly discovered anything new with A Blink of The Screen, ima gunna count it. There is a short description by the man himself prefacing each story, and they all note the publication date. As the stories progress through the years, you can actually feel the development of his writing style,  watching as it edges towards the smooth flow his later works. As I said, it’s fascinating.

So okay, I have a huge gap in my day tomorrow. But I definitely know how to fill it.:)

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